How to screenshot on Windows 10

Bugs can happen, sometimes big ones that can leave you rolling back to a previous operating system version. More frequently, you’ll find that certain features just aren’t finished yet and the experience isn’t as polished as it will eventually become. You’ll be one of the first to experience those exciting new features but it often demands more patience as they continue to be developed. If you’re using Windows 10, installing Windows 11 will feel just like installing a Windows 10 feature update. Microsoft has said exactly that, which means the upgrade process should be pretty easy. It’s also been confirmed that Windows 11 will be a free update for Windows 10 users, as long as their PC is compatible.

You won’t be able to activate Windows 10 if you install it without a key. However, there aren’t many restrictions with an inactivated version of Windows 10. Microsoft’s Troubleshoot activation errors in Windows 10 after a motherboard replacement or entering a Volume License key .


And Linux to organize, access, and connect to your servers. Field, specify the full path to the desired local folder. On macOS and Linux, the rsync and ssh tools are preinstalled and their paths are filled automatically. Click in the field to make sure that the specified server root URL address is accessible and points at the correct Web page. PyCharm detects the user home folder settings on the FTP/SFTP server and sets up the root path according to them. The button is only enabled when you have specified your credentials.

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If your existing Windows 10 PC is running Windows 10 20H1 or later and meets the minimum hardware specifications it will be able to upgrade to Windows 11. Not all Windows 10 PCs that are eligible to upgrade will be offered to upgrade at the same time. To see if your PC is eligible to upgrade, refer to our supported computer lists. A command prompt window will open, running a batch file that downloads all the necessary files from Microsoft and creates the Windows 11 ISO file for you. The process could take a while, depending on your internet connection and the performance of your processor. A new taskbar moves icons to the centre, although this can easily be reverted to a more traditional layout.

  • Or, even better, use the Ctrl + V keyboard command to paste your content.
  • Trello makes it easy for your team to get work done.
  • Most of the Discord bot hosting options we’ve covered up until now have been paid or premium solutions.
  • Instead, the credentials are managed in Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

You can also switch between screen recording and screen capture using a two-tab popup menu. ShareX is a feature-filled alternative to PicPick and Snagit, with numerous features to edit, annotate, save and upload your screenshot. Like some of the other apps in this category, ShareX also lets you edit screenshots in third-party apps.

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The full-screen screenshot your PC takes when you press the print screen key isn’t automatically saved anywhere. You may also be able to take a screenshot of your entire screen by pressing the PrintScreen key by itself. The image will be copied to your clipboard; once it’s there, you can paste it into a document or email. One of the most important features of a screenshot tool is a capture delay.

Still, many big games released over the past few years are at least compatible with Ansel’s super-resolution upscaling and photo filters. LightShot provides the screenshot size in the top left corner of your screenshot. Simply click and drag the crosshair over the area you’d like to screenshot. WePC’s mission is to be the most trusted site in tech.

In macOS Mojave or later, you can change the default location of saved screenshots from the Options menu in the Screenshot app. You can also drag the thumbnail to a folder or document. I hope any curiosity you had about how to take screenshots on Windows 10 is sated.